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Top best Mx player web series in 2021 You must watch!

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We often see different types of websites related to different categories. It is been quite difficult to select the best ones to watch so we have the solution to your problems you can check out it here. We had selected the best MX player web series to watch for you. It is based on different categories you can select as per your interested categories.

Chakravyuh crime thriller

Chakravyuh is one of the crime thriller web series released on the ott platform MX Player. It is released in the month of March 2020. The best part to get to know is it is one of the MX Player originals web series. The running time overall is 240 min of all the including episodes. There is one season and only eight episodes yet. The country of origin is India and the original language is Hindi. Chakravyuh is been directed by Sajit Warrier. Let’s have a focus on the storyline of chakravyuh one inspector is there called Virkar investigating a murder case of a college student. The casts are to be played in chakravyuh are prateik babbar, Simran Mundi, Ruhi singh, Ashish Vidyarthi, shiv pandit, Gopal dutt, and the last is Asif basra . Overall it is one of the good ones to be watched by you it comes under the category of best MX Player web series.

Hey Prabhu

This is the best web series related to influencers and younger ages people. We will discuss ahead go through the post. Let’s have the focus on details of hey Prabhu. It is released in the 2019 comedy web series. Hey, Prabhu is having overall 2 seasons and 16 episodes until yet. It is been cast or released on the ott platform MX Player and the best is it is the Mx Players originals web series. The country of origin is India and it is been available in Hindi language. The casts that has been played in Hey Prabhu are Sheeba chaddha, Rajat barmecha, Rituraj singh, Neha panda, Vaishnavi rao, Ashish bhatia, Parul gulati, Achint kaur, Raj bhansali, pryanca talukandar, shashwat mukherjee, dendutt danni is in the last. The storyline of Hey Prabhu is one guy is there and the show is all about his life around social media. He soon realizes that online influence or popularity doesn’t require enough to deal with life problems or issues. We guys will suggest you go for it because it is for us only the younger generations.


Queen is been released in the month of December 2019. It is been telecasted on MX Player an OTT platform. Queen is having overall one season and eleven episodes until yet. Queen is been written by Reshma Ghata and directed by Gautam Vasudev monor. The casts to be seen in queen are karuppu nambiar, Gautham menon, vivek rajgopal, munna Simon. The storyline is it is based on the life of late Tamil Nadu chief Minister Jugalalithaa. The story is based on an actress who later becomes a politician. From our think of view, you guys should go for it.

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