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Gullak web series review cast and facts you must know

Hey, viewers what is up? I as the admin welcome you all to this blog. I know I am not permanent but I promise that from today I am going to be permanent on the blog. In this article, I am going to talk about the Gullak web series review cast and the facts you must know. As we all know that this is a kind of website where I used to share reviews of the latest web series. here I am going to talk about the Gullak web series. We will have look at my opinions, cast, and some of the interesting facts about the gullak web series. Now I think this is a sufficient overview of the article. Now, let us start the article without wasting any time.

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Gullak web series review season 1

A web series that is completely based on a middle-class family’s struggles.How a Mishra family faces their day-to-day struggles. Okay, Here we get started with Aman the big sone of the Mishra family who is worried about the future of the family and he is preparing for staff selection commission SSC with his younger brother as his crime partner.

This is a complete web series of 5 episodes directed by Amrit Raj Gupta. This whole series consists of the story of a middle-class Indian family. Here all the events are related to the middle-class family consisting of washing machine voice, food complaints about the yellow dal chawal, etc. You will enjoy this web series as you can be able to relate many things to your personal lives.

Gullak web series review season 2

Gullak web series season 2 released on sony liv app. Yes, gullak web series season again comes back with the outstanding of middle-class Mishra family. It has been Directed by Palash Vaswani and written by Durgesh Singh, It is almost similar to the season 1 web series. It is all about the story of the middle-class Mishra family. The most important part of the web series is that it is available in simple language so that every viewer can understand it quickly. This web series consists of 10 episodes. I hope that you might like the web series. If you want to watch the web series then you can watch it on the sony liv app.

Gullak web series cast

Now I am going to talk about the cast name that performs in the web series. All the web series cast are awesome and they played their character very well in the web series.

  • Amrit Raj Gupta (Director)
  • Plash vaswani
  • geetanjali kulkarni
  • Jameel khan
  • Vaibhav raj
  • Harsh Mayar
  • shivankit singh partihar
  • Sunita rajwar

These are some of the main characters of the webs series. They have played a main role in the web series and they have given their best to perform on the website.


In this article, I have mentioned the gullak web series review. Moreover, I have also talked about the cast. I hope that you might like the article. If so then do share it with your friends and families.

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