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Hey, viewers what is up? I am good and hope you are doing your best and enjoying your day by watching different types of web series. As you all know that I used to deliver one of the best content regarding the web series. So in this article, I am going to talk about the Best web series on youtube. When it comes to Netflix, Amazon, zee 5 all these platforms are premium you will have to pay money in order to watch your favorite shows. But when it comes to youtube, you don’t have to pay any kind of money. Simply you can watch your favorite shows. Here I am going to share some of the names and the descriptions of web series that are available on youtube and you can watch them free of cost. Now I think this is a sufficient overview of the article. Now, let’s start the article without wasting any time.

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#1 College romance

Are you in the colleges? Then you must watch this web series. this is the best web series on youtube I have ever seen. There are so many concepts of life mentioned in this web series. Basically, it is a story based on the three friends and their girlfriends. Their whole journey of life is mentioned in this web series. It has approx 8 parts. Starting to flirt and end updating. This web series includes love, romance, fight, and many more. I think every teenager should watch this web series as it gives you knowledge about your real life.

#2 Tripling

It is also one of the best web series on youtube I have ever watched on youtube. The most important part of this web series is, it is freely available on youtube and it is related to the story of three siblings. As we all can easily relate to this web series. It is the story of three siblings, how to overcome compelling circumstances, and who went on a unplanned road trip.

#3 Bang Baaja Baaraat

Do you believe in love marriage? Or what you are expecting to do arrange marriage or love marriage please let me know in the comments section. This web series band Baja baaraat is a full comedy and family web series present on youtube. Basically, it is based on the story of the marriages how earlier arrange marriages happen, and now in this generation how love marriages affect the families. All the situations are clearly described in the web series. If you want to watch the web series then you can watch it freely on youtube.

#4 Aspirants

As we all know that in India the toughest exam is UPSC and we also know that there are so many people working hard to qualify for this exam from all over the country. This is the story of three freinds who are living in Delhi and working hard to qualify for the UPSC exam. It consists of 5 episodes and is freely available on youtube. If you are a student and want some of the motivation then you look up this web series.

#5 Ladies Room

It is one of the best web series on youtube, especially for girls’ roommates. If you are a student and live with your room partner in the hostel and lodge then you can surely relate to the web series. ┬áThe web series is about two girls Khanna and Dingo who are on a quest to sort their messed up lives.


In this article, I have mentioned the web series on youtube. It is a freely available platform you can easily watch with the given link on the official platform youtube. I hope that you like the article. If so then do share it with your friends and families.

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