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Antim movie review cast you must know!

Antim movie review cast you must know! Hello everyone this is Pritam and welcome back to the blog. I know that I am not regular on my blog due to a family problem. But I promise that from today I will be constant on my blog and I will surely try to make interesting blogs for you all. As you all know that the blockbuster movie of our one and only Salman Khan is released. As we all know that this year one more movie by Salman Khan was released but there were not so good responses from people. Many people started saying that the career of Salman khan has been finished. But After this movie Antim the final truth we all can say is that no, Our Bhai is alive in his acting career and yes, he can make one of the best films in the Bollywood industry. Many Salman Khan fans started burning crackers in the theatres. This shows how fans are loving this movie. This is one f the blockbuster movie in Bollywood. Here I am going to talk about the Antim movie review we will also discuss the cast and the interesting reviews and opinions. Now I think this is a sufficient overview of the article. let start the article without wasting any time.

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Antim the final truth

As we all know that when Salman Bhai is performing any role in any movie then it is going to be a blockbuster. In the same manner, Salman Bhai made a new film about Antim the real truth and it is also one of the blockbuster movies in the theatre. It is loved by millions of people many people started burning crackers in the theatre and showing their love to Salman khan. Later on, Salman khan tweets and says that It’s my humble request to the people please don’t bring crackers with them in the theatres. This might be dangerous for the people who are watching the movie. Antim the final truth brings a social message to the eye of the people. As we all know that when Salman khan’s movie is released it comes with a social message that tells people the right message to follow. Moreover, Salman Khan is having more responsibility for fans.

My opinion and review of Antim movie

As we all know that Salman Khan is bhai of India. He has millions of fans across the world. When any of his films is released then it is damn sure that it is going to be one of the blockbuster movies in the theatres. His all-the-movie cross crores. Now I am going to give you a review and my opinion regarding the Antim movie and we will know this movie is good or not.

Antim the final truth movie produced by Salman Khan and directed by Mahesh manjrekar. It is one of the blockbuster movies in the last part of the year. When it comes to the cast here mainly three actor and actors have played their roles named, Salman Khan, Ayush Sharma, and Mahima makwana. Basically, it is a story about Ayush Sharma(Rahuliya) How he becomes a criminal with the support of some of the gangsters and later on, He becomes the best gangster in Pune. Salman Khan here plays the role of Policemen and he fights against the truth. There is one more character in the story is Mahima makwana. She played the role of tea seller in the movie and later on she falls in the love with Rahuliya the criminal..

Later on, Rahuliya started doing more crimes and his foe was increasing day by day. In the last, he was killed by his teacher’s son as he killed his teacher for the shake of the Land. Salman Khan tries to make him on the right path but he didn’t listen to him and at last, he was dead. So always try to do good to others and always help people. Don’t believe in violence always try to resolve any kind of query by talking by not getting violent.

Antim movie cast

It is one of the best movies that hit in the Bollywood cinemas. The most important and interesting part of this movie is that it is released in many countries. Not only in India. As we all know that Salman khan has produced this film by casting his relatives in the movie. Yes, Now we are going to talk about the cast in the movie.

Ayush Sharma (Rahuliya)

Ayush Sharma brother in law of Salman khan. He cast his brother-in-law in the movie. He is performing the role of rahuliya in the movie. Rahuliya a boy from the village having no work having an old father at home. Later on, they shifted to the city for the shake of the work. now he comes in the contact with some of the criminals and he become one of the best criminals in Pune. He murdered many people for the shake of the land.

Salman Khan (Sardar)

I don’t think it is important to introduce Salman khan because you already know about him. He is playing the role of a policeman in the movie. He is dressed up like a Sardar and everyone told him by his name Sardar in the movie. He fights against the gangsters and criminals.

Mahima makwana (Manda)

New actress debut in the film industry Earlier she used to play the role of Rachana in the series that usually comes on zee tv sapne suhane ladakpan ke. She played the role of tea seller in the movie. Rahuliya falls in the love with the brother-in-law of Salman khan RAHULIYA.


In this article, I have mentioned the reviews, cast, and my opinion about the Antim movie. My personal views and cast of this movie. If you will read this full article then surely you will be able to know the message that is delivered by Salman khan in this movie. I hope that you might like the article. If so then do share it with your friends and families.

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